Speaking the Language of the Food Industry

At MarketPlace, we pride ourselves on being not only a marketing agency but also food industry experts. Most of the time, we put that expertise to work serving companies within our own industry, helping them sell food products, ingredients, or sometimes appliances. Recently, however, we met with an intriguing task: […]

Refrigerator Marketing: the True Art of Cold

As the Food Marketing Agency, we’ve worked with a lot of perishable products: milk, cookies, and sandwiches, to name a few, along with the colors and ingredients that go into them. But what we’d never marketed was the one thing many of those products can’t live without: the refrigerator. Over […]

Cookies and Noodles: Moment Marketing 101

During the power outage that halted Super Bowl XLVII, one tweet made a bright impression, becoming one of the most retweeted messages of all time. The tweet itself: “Power out? No problem.” It was accompanied by an image of a dimly lit Oreo and the caption “You can still dunk […]

Why our Web Launch Benefits Your Brand

Developing a new website can be daunting, all-consuming, and intimidating. There are so many details to consider, and with the rate at which technology moves, keeping up can be taxing…and that’s not even considering the maintenance of the content! Because we go through the process regularly with our partners, we’re […]

Content Marketing is for the Dogs

Officially launching a website isn’t the exhale that it used to be. We certainly high-fived and enjoyed the moment recently after we hit the “Publish” button on a new social site for our client FURminator, but we sat right back in our seats after the high-five and got back to […]

Making Social Media Your (B2B) Business

Why social media for B2B? When the first social media platforms started popping up – Twitter, facebook, Instagram – people didn’t know what to use them for. “Do I really need to share my every waking thought in 140-character increments? Do my friends really need to see an artfully arranged […]

Graph Search: What It Is, Why It Matters

On Tuesday, January 15, Facebook introduced its latest update, Graph Search. As this new functionality is rolled out, users will be able to search – and be found – in new ways. Instead of simply seeking a person, place, or thing, Facebook users will be empowered to qualify searches with […]

Shared Meals: Dining in the Era of Social Media

Initiate dinner plans with friends through Facebook, seek out Yelp reviews before choosing a restaurant, arrive at the location and check in on Foursquare, crowdsource menu recommendations through Twitter, photograph and post an image of your meal with Instagram – all before taking your first bite. Welcome to dining in […]

Every Day is a (Food) Holiday

As the taste of Thanksgiving fades with the last leftover turkey sandwich, we begin to anticipate the arrival of upcoming holidays and the dishes that will mark those occasions. While Christmas or Hanukkah may come to mind, there are a number of lesser-known holidays right around the corner. Take November […]

One Million Apps and Counting

The twitterverse and tech blogs are abuzz: as of today, one million apps have been launched via Apple’s App Store. While gaming apps tend to have the highest number of downloads (shout out to Angry Birds), there are a number of food, photo, news, and music apps worth checking out. […]

Instagram: Capturing Perception

The moment is fleeting. You’d love for time to stop, but it doesn’t. You want the experience to linger, but you can’t hold it. You can, however, click it. And it takes only an instant. How many of your friends and acquaintances use a still camera to record their lives? […]

Food Marketing Technology and Your Customer’s Customer

From day one, MarketPlace has championed an undisputed fact of food marketing: a successful product sells into the unique desires and ever-changing tastes of the end-consumer. If droves of consumers start tweeting about their love for earthworm flavor or gym-sock aroma, food and beverage R&D teams will be working hard […]