Friends Beyond Benefits

From GMOs to FD&Cs, whole grain over multigrain, no brominates and definitely no aspartame, it’s getting harder for the average consumer to know what to think. This isn’t to say that cleaner labels aren’t good for our collective wellbeing—just that it’s a lot to keep straight. You could forgive consumers, […]

Five Heirloom Tomatoes You Need to Try

My love of garden-grown, heirloom tomatoes is well documented. However, since it’s late summer, prime tomato-harvest season, I’m not the only one with tomatoes on the mind—recipes are being published aplenty, and the Washington Post recently ran a fascinating history of the “tumatle from Themistitan” (for an explanation of that […]

Challenger Food Brands and the Business-card-sized Poster

I can remember my first encounter with marketing materials from our local independent hardware shop. While still a student at the nearby university, I glanced at a campus bulletin board on the third floor of an anonymous campus office and saw, tacked among the posters for campus theatre productions, a […]

"Lovely, Demented, Backwards, and Strange": Why Every Food Story Is Fascinating

In spare moments, I’ve been reading Tom Nealon’s 15-blog-post-long history of condiments, a frantic and learned tour through more than two thousand years of vinegars, sauces, dressings, and spices. It’s tremendously informative and entertaining—Nealon studies rare cookbooks, and consequently possesses a massive repertoire of weird food facts and history. Perhaps […]

Marketing and the Meaning of "Food"

A recent essay in the food magazine Lucky Peach points to one of the reasons that food marketing can be uniquely challenging: the hurdle of our deep-seated human tendency to give the word “food” a very specific definition, which we then endow with incredible emotional meaning. That’s a little abstract, […]

Category Growth through Customer Disloyalty

New technology has enabled food companies to create aggressive and successful customer loyalty programs, from the grocery programs we’re all familiar with to the new Starbucks mobile app, which facilitates brand loyalty through convenience. The value of loyalty to food companies is obvious: loyal customers equal consistent sales. A recent […]

The Chef who Slammed Himself: Giving Your Company Bad Reviews

Here at MarketPlace, we often beat the drum in favor of greater transparency on the part of food companies. New York chef and restaurateur Frank Prisinzano is taking the principle as far as about anyone we’ve seen by posting critical reviews of his own restaurants to Instagram. Prisinzano’s reviews are […]

The Sweet Potato Story

We arrived in North Carolina on a Tuesday evening, ready to eat, understand, and film sweet potatoes in all their natural splendor. The eating went well (so, so well), and the understanding was a success (I didn’t know sweet potatoes are so delicate!), but filming the splendor, well, it rained […]

Show Us Your #RestingHopFace and Support #MeganFoundation

As the Food Marketing Agency, we thought it was only appropriate that we participate in the Brand and Brew Creative Homebrew Competition, in which we’re competing against seven other St. Louis agencies to create and brand a home-brewed beer. Although most of the agencies partnered with an outside homebrewer to […]

The Joy of Photography, a Picture of Authenticity

There are those days in life where you are filled with so much excitement, joy, and energy you can hardly contain yourself – you instantly want to share it with others. You inevitably know that you can’t literally “share” the joy – at least not in the way that you […]

A Brand in a Bow Tie

During my teenage years, I worked at a local frozen custard stand. Our uniforms consisted of button downs and bow ties. We punched in with paper time cards. Orders were taken and called out in paperless fashion. It wasn’t quite Mayberry, although it did have a distinctive charm marked by […]