Navigating the New Sugars Added Label Requirements

The FDA recently announced changes to the Nutrition Facts label, with more details about sugar. Starting in 2018[1], the FDA will require Nutrition Facts labels to distinguish between sugars found naturally in ingredients and sugars added, both in grams and a percentage of daily recommended value. The FDA is recommending […]

Brand Complements for Animal Supplements

Over the last few months, we’ve worked alongside a successful B2B brand with over 45 years of experience in trace mineral animal supplements to launch its first consumer brand: TruCare Trace Mineral Supplements. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working through the brand development process with them, beginning with brand discovery and market research, […]

The Pet Marketing Agency

 The Pet Marketing Agency The pet industry as recession-proof Dogs increasingly anthropomorphized within the family Nutraceuticals making (and will continue to make) serious inroads into the pet food industry Pets with social media accounts Pet food labels mirroring human food labels, typically six to 12 months behind Cat videos The above list […]

The Preheated Oven of Food Industry Marketing

Since our beginning as food industry consultants 15 years ago, we’ve remained focused on the food industry. We’ve done so partly because the food industry is where we started and what we love. But we’ve also done so because we place great importance on the value of focus. Effective food […]

Nutrition + Convenience + Coziness = Huga

  We’re excited and proud to announce the launch of Hůga. Several months ago, we partnered with (the now-named) Hůga Foods to develop their brand. After an initial conversation about family recipes and gluten-free nutrition, we got to work on the following: • Market assessment • Brand positioning strategy • […]

Dog + Duck (Commander) = Pet Food Brand Development

Pet Food Brand Development After a lot of hard work, we’re proud to announce (and show off a bit of) our partnership with a Midwestern pet food manufacturer and, a bit farther south, Duck Commander. We’ve worked on this dog food (and treats!) project from its infancy, and while there’s […]

"Natural" and "Super Premium": Valuable Pet Food Claims?

Cast your eye down the pet food aisle at your local grocery store, or wander through the relevent section of a nearby pet store, and two label claims will stand out: “natural” and “super premium.” Pet foods from all brands—and at all price points—will lay claim to those designations, and […]

Don’t Throw the Past Away: Marketing Old New Products

I confess: I’m obsessed with tomatoes, particularly in the late summer and fall. Much of my summer has been dedicated to conducting a sustained defensive action against the local squirrels to preserve my plants—a war which, I am happy to report, I am currently winning. I come by this obsession […]

The Joy of Photography, a Picture of Authenticity

There are those days in life where you are filled with so much excitement, joy, and energy you can hardly contain yourself – you instantly want to share it with others. You inevitably know that you can’t literally “share” the joy – at least not in the way that you […]

Who Owns the Spicy Sauce?

Did you know that sriracha is a style of hot sauce, not a brand of sauce? Just like ketchup, sriracha can be manufactured by anyone. However, in the U.S. at least, when someone says sriracha (or rooster sauce for that matter), they’re talking about Huy Fong Food’s spicy elixir with […]

Be Held: The Art of Packaging

I didn’t have the type of mother who said things like, “Well, you’re a sight to behold,” but if I did, she would have said that to me just about every day during my middle school years. I regret many of the outfits I wore in the mid- to late-eighties, […]