2017: the Year of Unbranding?

The Guardian reports that the large UK bookstore chain Waterstones has opened three small branches without the chain’s branding. The three stores are individually named—Southwold Books, Harpenden Books, and The Rye Bookshop—located in small towns that previously lacked a bookstore, and have a smaller footprint than the typical branded store. […]

Nutrition + Convenience + Coziness = Huga

  We’re excited and proud to announce the launch of Hůga. Several months ago, we partnered with (the now-named) Hůga Foods to develop their brand. After an initial conversation about family recipes and gluten-free nutrition, we got to work on the following: • Market assessment • Brand positioning strategy • […]

From Clean to Clear: Transparency at the Food Leaders Summit

For years now, we’ve been discussing the implications of transparency with our partners and on our blog. So we’re incredibly excited to be partnering with the Food Leaders Summit April 27-29 in Chicago. We’ll be in Booth 130, so we hope you’ll say hello while you’re there. If you’re registering […]

Dog + Duck (Commander) = Pet Food Brand Development

Pet Food Brand Development After a lot of hard work, we’re proud to announce (and show off a bit of) our partnership with a Midwestern pet food manufacturer and, a bit farther south, Duck Commander. We’ve worked on this dog food (and treats!) project from its infancy, and while there’s […]

Show Us Your #RestingHopFace and Support #MeganFoundation

As the Food Marketing Agency, we thought it was only appropriate that we participate in the Brand and Brew Creative Homebrew Competition, in which we’re competing against seven other St. Louis agencies to create and brand a home-brewed beer. Although most of the agencies partnered with an outside homebrewer to […]

MarketPlace + RiceBran Technologies

We’re excited to announce our partnership with RiceBran Technologies, a leader in food ingredients produced from rice bran. With its innovative technology, RiceBran converts what would otherwise remain unused during the production of white rice into highly nutritious ingredients. RiceBran’s ingredient line includes everything from rice bran oil, which is […]

Refrigerator Marketing: the True Art of Cold

As the Food Marketing Agency, we’ve worked with a lot of perishable products: milk, cookies, and sandwiches, to name a few, along with the colors and ingredients that go into them. But what we’d never marketed was the one thing many of those products can’t live without: the refrigerator. Over […]

MarketPlace Lends a Paw to Stray Rescue

Food is our primary passion at MarketPlace, of course, but it’s definitely not the start and end of our interests. Take pets, for instance. Whether they’re our own or others’, we love pets. MarketPlace is a second home to Silky Landau (our lovely black lab), and we generally play host […]

Boxes, Bubble Wrap, and Breathing Room

We’ve enjoyed every minute in our current space, but as you know if you’ve visited recently, elbow room has become increasingly difficult to find, so it’s time for a new home. In a few rapidly approaching weeks (we’ll be closed May 31 and June 1), MarketPlace will be moving from […]

An Award-Winning B2B Advertisement

MarketPlace is proud to be a Sensient partner, so we were excited recently to be notified by BNP Media that our Sensient Colors’ Beverage Ad (“The Bold Difference In Your Brand”) achieved high recognition and recall scores, resulting in an Advertising Excellence Award as issued by AdScore® Publication Research. AdScore […]