What does it take to evolve a successful, beloved brand? Among other things, it requires a genuine understanding of the brand and its audience, the ability to fine-tune a company’s story, a partnership built on communication and trust, the skill to get it all done, and the desire to see it through.

Consumer Advertising Campaign


We’d worked with FURminator for about six months—B2B pet industry marketing, sales collateral, and a consumer print campaign—when they told us that they wanted to move FURminator from its position as a steady, specialty brand to a household name.

As brand strategists, we were eager to take on the challenge of such a significant positioning shift. Perhaps more importantly, as dog lovers and FURminator users ourselves, we believed that it was the right move. So we got to work.

Ideation Sessions


Coordinated and led meetings and produced results report

Brand Strategy


Ideation session, brand audit, industry analysis, and consumer insight

Social Media Strategy


Comprehensive plan, including editorial calendar and measurement

Media Planning


Placement and delivery of yearly advertising cycle

Content Creation


Conception, writing, and design of hundreds of pieces of original content

PR and promotions


Promotions and coordination with pet bloggers and industry influencers



Update to package messaging to reflect shift in positioning

Custom Photography


Custom in-house and on-location shoots by our professional photographer



Pre-pro and professional-quality production and editing for all devices

Print Advertising and Digital Advertising


Design, creation, and delivery of full-pages, banners, and AdWords

UI/UX Design


Responsive site architecture, design, development, and implementation

Social Media Management


Daily consumer engagement through FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

FURminator Social Media Strategy Guide

Terrier photo


Having previously identified price as the primary hurdle to purchase for most potential customers, we used new messaging, “Worth It,” in an ad campaign to address that hurdle head-on. We knew, though, that it wouldn’t be enough for FURminator to use that language—we had to figure out how to get thousands of passionate FURminator brand ambassadors and influencers to use that language.

We did that in two key ways: by redefining the target audience and by creating a forum through which they could learn, and then use, that language. That forum was the Worth It social site and all the share-able content we created for it.

FURminator social website
Hairfree Home
FURminator case study
Life You Want
Happy Pet
FURminator commercial


Value is a cliché. Value is necessary. Value comes in many forms: currency, products, information, status, states of being. For FURminator, whose primary seller is a premium product, being a household name meant providing value across all categories.

We planned, conceived, and created content that pet parents—FURminator’s primary audience—would find valuable. For some, practical information is valuable; for others, humor or beauty is valuable. Expanding our audience meant expanding our marketing to content that would be valuable to all areas of our audience’s lives, from their pet’s coats to their pea coats.

FURminator Pinterest content
FURminator original content
FURminator social content
FURminator content marketing



What happens when consumer product meets cultural trend? A dog photobombing a wedding.

Planning + knowledge of audience + key words + a bit of luck = 70,000 hits on YouTube in three days.


We started with a few small projects and research for an ad campaign. That research convinced us that the audience for our partner, FURminator, was bigger than they’d been targeting. So we took that research, added to it our experience and analysis of their brand and their market, and put together a strategy based on our belief in the value of custom content and designed to shift FURminator from a beloved, but niche, brand to a household name.

Now that that strategy has been implemented, we’re monitoring consumer engagement and sharing; we’re seeing the fruits of an expanded reach. Pet lovers are sharing FURminator-branded content across social media platforms and their personal websites. And the FURminator name is no longer merely associated with professional pet products; rather, when you use FURminator products, you signal your membership in a community of people who value life with pets.

The transition from a beloved, but smaller, brand to a household name takes time, and we’re confident that with continued adherence to the strategy, regular assessment and adjustment, and continued content creation, FURminator will be loved by the wider audience that it deserves, making all the time and care expended up front completely worth it.

Have questions about our work with FURminator? Want to know more about the results? Give us a call today—we’d love to talk.


  • Ideation Session and Brand Audit
  • Industry/Category Analysis
  • Market Research and Cultural Analysis
  • Brand and Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Design and Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Photography and Videography
  • Digital Advertising
  • Media Planning and Management
  • PR
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Maintenance

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